The New York Times
April 17, 2004
Son Jailed in Killings Says Another Man Admits to Crime

Lawyers for a Long Island man who says he is wrongly imprisoned for killing his parents now claim that another man in the case has recently admitted slashing the couple's throats.

Mr. Tankleff and other relatives have always said that they suspected the involvement of Jerard Steuerman, the business partner of Seymour Tankleff, who was slain. Mr. Steuerman has publicly denied involvement. But the legal brief says: "Indeed, Jerry Steuerman has recently made statements acknowledging his involvement in the Tankleff murders. Referring to the news that a new motion has been filed in the Tankleff case, Steuerman stated that he 'cut their throats,' but that at this point, given his age, he will be dead long before he has to serve any sentence.' " Mr. Steuerman is in his 60's. The brief does not detail when the statements were made or to whom, but it adds: "Mr. Tankleff's defense team is continuing its investigation. An evidentiary hearing where the parties have subpoena power will shed further light on these admissions."

The new claim of Mr. Steuerman's admissions comes on top of another development. The defense said in a recent filing that it found a man who says he was the getaway driver who took two criminals to the Tankleff house that night. One was a man with connections to the Steuerman family. Other people have said he told several people he was involved in the murders, but he now denies it.

"The new evidence, particularly when viewed in conjunction with the factual record in this case, is simply too important to be swept under the rug," the defense brief said.