Attorneys seek new trial for man convicted of killing parents
By FRANK ELTMAN,+AKA-Associated Press Writer
April 16, 2004, 2:22 PM EDT

Another witness said one of those two men, Joseph Creedon, confessed that he was involved in the killings, the court papers said. Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Leonard Lato said in December that his investigation uncovered others who had also heard Creedon say he was the real killer, but said it still does not clear Tankleff.

"Nothing suggests that Marty didn't do it," Lato said. "Creedon could have been there, Marty could have been there, too. It doesn't exonerate him."

Tankleff, who has already lost numerous appeals, is backed by about 20 relatives who believe he is innocent. His supporters have also posted a Web site announcing the latest developments in the case and urging readers to speak out in defense of Tankleff.

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