07.22.08, Newsday: Charges dismissed in Martin Tankleff murder case
07.06.08, NY Times: Perseverance and Chance Led to Reversal in 88 Murders
07.02.08, Newsday: 'One of the fortunate' - Freed after 17 years in prison for parents' deaths, Tankleff calls for interrogations to be videotaped
07.02.08, Newsday: Tankleff lawyers say new evidence proves his innocence
07.02.08, Newsday: Retired Suffolk detective convinced of Tankleff's guilt
07.01.08, NY Times: No Retrial in ’88 Double Killing on Long Island
07.01.08, Newsday: Legal experts: Cuomo correct on Tankleff decision
07.01.08, Newsday: Tankleff will not have to face new trial
07.01.08, Newsday: Where's the justice for Tankleff's parents?
07.01.08, Newsday: For Tankleff, celebration tempered by sad realities
06.30.08, Newsday: Tankleff supporters celebrate decision - mostly
06.30.08, NY Times: Freed After 17 Years in Prison, L.I. Man Will Not Face New Trial
06.29.08, Newsday: State Attorney General poised to tackle Tankleff case
06.17.08, Newsday: Tankleff court date postponed to review new DNA tests
06.16.08, Newsday: Insights, perspectives into Tankleff murder trial
05.10.08, Newsday: Tankleff judge to recuse himself from motions
05.08.08, Newsday: Tankleff lawyers: Judge may have conflict of interest
04.29.08, Newsday: Tankleff: Cuomo should reveal grand jury findings
04.24.08, NY Times: Tankleff Awaits Decision on Future
04.24.08, Newsday: Cop, half-sister, juror say '90 verdict was correct
04.24.08, Newsday: Tankleff says he was in 'deep shock' after killings
04.11.08, Newsday: Tankleff attends conference on wrongful convictions
02.26.08, NY Daily News: State attorney general's office gets extension in Martin Tankleff case
02.26.08, Newsday: New grand jury weighs evidence in Tankleff murders
02.26.08, New York Times: New Grand Jury Is Impaneled in L.I. Murders From 1988
02.25.08, Newsday Editorial: Videotape Interrogations, Confessions
02.12.08, Newsday Editorial: Suffolk right to use videotape for interrogations
02.07.08, Newsday: Suffolk cop suspended over e-mail to Newsday
02.07.08, Newsday: Spota: Plan to tape interrogations spurred by jurors
02.07.08, Hofstra Chronicle: Martin Tankleff enrolls
01.29.08, New York Times: Free for Now, L.I. Man Aims for Law Degree
01.20.08, Newsday Editorial: Next act begins in the Tankleff drama
01.20.08, NY Times: The Names Stay Linked: 'Bagel King' and Tankleff
01.19.08, NY Times: Man Freed After 17 Years in Prison Faces New Investigation in Murder
01.19.08, Newsday: Tankleff faces new prosecutor in murder case
01.18.08, AP: Cuomo's team takes Tankleff murder case
01.18.08, NY Law Journal: AG's Chief Trial Counsel Prepares to Tackle Tankleff Murder Case as Special Prosecutor
01.18.08, NY Law Journal: Free: Tankleff Pro Bono Effort Born of Ex-Classmate's Law Paper
01.17.08, Newsday: Tankleff case gets appeals expert
01.17.08, Newsday: Sources: Chief attorney to lead Tankleff probe
01.14.08, Newsday: Cuomo could make splash with Tankleff case
01.13.08, Newsday Op-Ed: Justice Perverted
01.13.08, Newsday: Experts: Cuomo on case, but charges to be dropped
01.13.08, Newsday: Tankleff not off the hook, yet
01.12.08, NY Post: New Tankleff Probe
01.12.08, Associated Press: New Probe in 1988 Murders After Release
01.12.08, Newsday: Cuomo named special prosecutor in Tankleff case
01.12.08, Associated Press: Cuomo named as special prosecutor in Tankleff murder case
01.12.08, NY Times Editorial: True and Untrue Confessions
01.07.08, NY Post: Con Basks in Slay Rep
01.06.08, Newsday op-ed: Marty Tankleff was the key to his release
01.04.08, Daily News Editorial: Find Tankleff killers
01.04.08, Newsday Editorial: Spota right to drop Tankleff charges
01.04.08, NY Times: The System Worked? A Defender Begs to Differ
01.04.08, NY Daily News: Martin Tankleff hugs Karlene Kovacs, the stranger who told of confession
01.03.08, Newsday: Tankleff, witness meet for the first time
01.03.08, Newsday: Tankleff, team push for videotaped confessions
01.03.08, NY Post: End of an Error / DA Drops Slay Raps Against Tankleff
01.03.08, Newsday: Tankleff: Find my parents' real killer
01.03.08, Newsday: Juror says he hopes Tankleff cashes in
01.03.08, Associated Press: 20-year odyssey ends for man once convicted in parents' death
01.02.08, NY Times: Tankleff Says He Relishes Freedom
01.02.08, Newsday Editorial: Spitzer should pick special prosecutor to look at other suspects in murders
01.02.08, NY Daily News: Marty Tankleff visits graves of parents
12.31.07, Associated Press: NY investigating DA's handling of 1988 murder
12.30.07, Newsday Op-Ed: Tankleff case needs special prosecutor, not Spota
12.30.07, NY Times Editorial: Could Martin Tankleff be the next Jeffrey Deskovic?
12.30.07, Newsday: Probe of Spota's handling of Tankleff intensifies
12.30.07, NY Daily News: Ex-cop worked 8 years to free Tankleff
12.30.07, Newsday: Tankleff investigator: Case "biggest" he's done
12.29.07, NY Daily News: Martin Tankleff's first day of freedom
12.29.07, NY Times: New York Is Said to Have Inquiry in Tankleff Case
12.28.07, Newsday: Tankleff watches sunrise, huddles with attorney
12.28.07, New York Post: Tankleff is Free at Last
12.28.07, Associated Press: Man Once Guilty of Killing Parents Freed
12.28.07, Newsday: Family welcomes Tankleff back to Long Island
12.28.07, Newsday: Supporters cheer Tankleff's release on bail
12.28.07, NY Times: After Half a Lifetime in Prison, an Inmate Is Free for Now
12.24.07, NY Times: With L.I. Murder Conviction Voided, the Same Old Question: Who Did It?
12.23.07, NY Times: Detectives’ Interrogation Tricks Under Scrutiny After Court Ruling
12.23.07, Newsday: Overturned conviction leaves a murder mystery
12.23.07, Newsday: DA agrees on Tankleff release until new trial
12.22.07, NY Times: Jailed 17 Years, Long Island Man Gets Second Trial
12.22.07, Newsday: Nearby residents agree with Tankleff trial ruling
12.22.07, Newsday: Lawyers: Tankleff home by New Year
12.22.07, Associated Press: New York man likely to be freed on bail after 17 years in prison in slaying of parents
12.22.07, NY Law Journal: Tankleff Conviction Upset, Panel Orders a New Trial
12.22.07, NY Daily News: Court bounces case of Long Island man jailed 17 years for slaying parents
12.22.07, NY Post: 'Finally Justice'
12.22.07, Newsday: About a new trial, Tankleff kin say 'bring it on'
12.22.07, Newsday: Experts: 'No joy' for prosecutors if case retried
12.22.07, Newsday: Appellate panel overturns Tankleff case conviction
12.22.07, NY Times:Triumph for an Inmate, and a Persistent Investigator
11.02.07, Newsday: Tankleff defense: Two more say another man killed parents
11.01.07, New York Times: Convict Charges Cover-Up of New Evidence in ’88 Death of Parents
10.05.07, Appeals Court Considers Tankleff's Bid for New Trial
01.09.07, New York Law Journal: Tankleff Legal Team Takes Bid for New Trial To Appellate Division
01.08.07, Newsday: Tankleff's Bid for New Trial
01.08.07, Newsday: Tankleff defense argues for 'relief'
01.08.07, NY Times: Ex-Prosecutors Urge New Trial for Man Convicted of 2 Murders
10.24.06, New York Times: ‘Accomplice’ Recants Alibi in Killing of L.I. Couple
Summer 2006, Justice Denied: Will the Frame-up Hold Up?
10.18.2006, Newsday: Tankleff's Lawyers Fight Alibi
04.21.2006, New York Times: Legal Network and Defense Lawyers Join Effort to Win Appeal for Son in L.I. Couple's Death
04.21.2006, Newsday: Tankleff case cries out for answers
04.19.2006, Newsday: Tankleff's Lawyers Move Ahead
02.19.2006, New York Times: Op-Ed by Marc Howard
01.27.2006, Newsday: Tankleff Lawyers Target Spota
01.03.2006, New York Times: Awaiting Next Word in 17-Year-Old Murder Case
12.28.2005, Newsday: The Tankleff case: New testimony should make it easy for judge to decide about new trial
12.20.2005, Newsday: Teen: My dad, partner killed Tankleffs in 1988
12.20.2005, New York Times: Youth Says Father Admitted Killing L.I. Couple in 1988
10.05.2005, Newsday: Tankleff Evidence Cries Out for a New Trial
02.08.2005, NY Law Journal: Final Evidence Heard In Martin Tankleff's Motion for New Trial
01.30.2005, New York Times: After 14 Years, Another Crack at Justice
01.25.2005, NY Law Journal: The Tankleff Matter
12.05.2004, NY Times: Long Jailed in Killings Son Tells of Ordeal
07.25.2004, Newsday: There are plenty of reasons to doubt Glenn Harris
05.20.2004, New York Times: Judge Grants Hearing to Man Convicted in Parents' Murder
05.19.2004, Newsday: Judge agrees to hearing in LI son's bid for new murder trial
05.19.2004, Newsday: Judge orders hearing in Tankleff murder case
04.17.2004, New York Times: Son Jailed in Killings Says Another Man Admits to Crime
04.16.2004, Newsday: Son: Killer boasted
04.16.2004, Newsday: Attorneys seek new trial for man convicted of killing parents
04.16.2004, Newsday: Appeal Questions Role of Son and the Police in '88 Killing
04.14.2004, Court TV: Tankleff Still Blames Business Partner
04.04.2004, New York Times: Questions About a Son's Guilt, and a Cop's Methods
04.04.2004, New York Times: Convicted of Killing His Parents, but Calling a Detective the Real Bad Guy
01.08.2004, Newsday: Court Upholds Disciplinary Action Against Tankleff
11.04.2003, Newsday: Tankleff Witness Is Hurt in Jail Fight
10.23.2003, Newsday: Tankleff Team Cites Conflict
10.08.2003, Newsday: New Evidence Only A Step to New Trial
10.04.2003, Newsday: Denying Involvement
10.03.2003, CNN/CourtTV: Evidence Gives Hope to Man Convicted of Killing Parents
10.03.2003, Newsday: Family: New Evidence Proves Innocence
10.03.2003, NY Times: Convict Was in Same Prison as New Witness in Killings
10.02.2003, NY Times: 15 Years Later, Pushing to Clear His Name in Murder of Parents
10.02.2003, Newsday: New Evidence in 1988 Slayings
10.02.2003, AP: Attorneys: Son Not Guilty In 1988 Murder Of Parents
10.02.2003, New York Times: 15 Years Later, Pushing to Clear His Name in Murder of Parents
10.02.2003, Newsday: Relatives Back Tankleff
02.23.1994, Newsday: Tankleff Appeal Allowed
12.29.1993, Newsday: Tankleff Conviction Upheld, 3-2
08.16.1992, Newsday: Tankleff Appeal: Murder Trial Unfair
10.24.1990, Newsday: Maximum for Tankleff
10.21.1990, Newsday: Debating a Defense That Won't Rest
06.29.1990, Newsday: Tankleff Is Convicted of Murder
06.21.1990, Newsday: Clashing Portraits In Tankleff Trial
06.08.1990, Newsday: Defining Double Murder
03.20.1989, Newsday: Sister: Cops 'Made' Tankleff Confess
12.13.1988, Newsday: A Child of Suburban Wealth
11.02.1988, Newsday: Tankleff Stands to Inherit Millions
10.13.1988, Newsday: School Bars Tankleff; Knife Threat Alleged
10.08.1988, Newsday: Seymour Tankleff Dies of Injuries
09.30.1988, Newsday: Cops: 'Bagel King' Fled
09.20.1988, Newsday: Twist in Tankleff Case?
09.09.1988, Newsday: Deadly Temper Tantrum?